Delayed update tommorow.

7 09 2008

Alrightey, I’ve been pulled in for all day shifts today and tommorow, meaning I won’t have time to finish up the comic by the usual time. It’ll still go up on Monday, just later on in the day. Sorry about this, folks!



Bleen’s Fortress, Chapter 2: Part 10.

4 09 2008

Not entirely sure the punchline gets across in this one, but either way – here’s part 10!

As has rapidly become the case with me, it’s another slightly early update. Tempted to change the proper update schedule to Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday, but that then means I lose credit for no longer being early with the strips. Oh well! On a semi-related note, I’ve dropped the “latest” tab and added my personal blog – the Fairy Fort – to the sidebar. The former is kind of redundant now the latter exists; the latest update to Bleen’s Fortress is always going to be the one that’s on the page when you come here.



P.S. Interesting trivia: the skull and hula girl on the BLU desk are left-overs from an old set-up I put together a while back. The original idea for this chapter was, uh…crap (I didn’t even bother cropping it as you can tell). Way, way too melodramatic and stupid even by my usual standards. I’ve tightened the overall plot since then, and have gradually refined the story as I go. Same basic skeleton remains, it’s just a world apart from what I originally envisioned.

Bleen’s Fortress, Chapter 2: Part 8, Part 9.

2 09 2008

I was an arse yesterday, so here’s two comics as promised.

After sleeping, thinking and having Nhani prod me with my own hypocrisy I’ve calmed down a lot. Sorry about the rant, chaps – I’m expecting a bit too much a bit too soon. Hoist by own petard, etc. Business as usual on Friday!


And now for something completely different.

1 09 2008

Alright, something pretty grave has happened to my Mother today involving some twat of a guy breaking promises. Again. It’s incredibly difficult to maintain The Funny in this kind of atmosphere and so there won’t be an update for a couple of days, but that’s not the point – it’s kind of highlighted my own grumpiness as of late, and I think I’m seeing a pattern here.

Who, exactly, notices the comics here? I don’t say that out of some vain attempt at getting attention or trying to inflate the level of effort I’m putting into these things, but it’s become increasingly irritating how a number of people are happy to grind their teeth and gnash over delays, poor writing or – god forbid – naming TF characters but I’m seeing about two or three people comment beyond that.

Links are clicked, traffic is generated, but then…what? What do you think? What are you doing? I’m getting a steady supply of the same people from the same places, but nobody is leaving a comment, nobody is forwarding ideas, nobody is giving me critique, yet over the last couple weeks (and before then even) it felt as if everybody was giving me stick. This is something I’m already familiar with (I clean the store I work at, nobody notices, but I let it get dirty for five minutes and twelve old people are wetting themselves over how awful the situation is) but it’s no less frustrating. I don’t feel there’s much point in continuing with the comic if I can’t see anyone’s enjoying it.

It’s a bit shit, frankly.


P.S. Just to clarify, I am not asking for legions of adoring fans to break down the stage and smother me with love. I’m just looking for a few more of those “yeah we want you restarting it” folk to make it clear you’re still reading the damn thing. I don’t want to blunder forward, clueless about any thoughts you guys have.

Bleen’s Chapter, Chapter 2: Part 7.

28 08 2008

Another early update, as I’m in London all day tommorow.

Anyway, sorry for jumping onto a running joke so soon; as my other blog explains I’m in a hugely distracted mood at the moment. Although speaking of which, I’m working at the most irritating of times for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Therefore the next update may come later in the day compared to usual (as despite my original idea for making comics in advance I’ve fallen behind).

Funny thing? If I’d gone with a Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday update schedule in the first place – it seems to be what I’m doing now after all – I’d likely update on Saturday/Monday/Wednesday. Sigh.


Bleen’s Fortress, Chapter 2: Part 6.

26 08 2008

Hey look, another early update.

I feel like death warmed up at the moment, so will probably be sleeping all day tommorow. Hence the upload now. Enjoy!


Click this link.

25 08 2008

No, seriously.

I’m moving the Fairy Tales and most of my non-TF chatter to the above blog. It’ll mean less focus is taken away from Bleen’s in the long run. Not much more needs to be said than that! Feel free to bookmark/browse/etc the Fairy Fort, but there isn’t much there right now.