Bleen’s Fortress is both both blog and comic, primarily focused on Team Fortress 2.

The comics themselves are put together with a combination of Paintshop Pro, Garry’s Mod and about a million other different games accessed through the very lovely Steam. I abandoned it for a while several months ago, but a rethink and some tempered enthusiasm has seen it come back to life – I’m hoping to establish a fairly lengthy story within the comic, and provide a few laughs for anyone reading.

The blog is about this, that and everything that springs to mind. It’s put together in Word and precious little else.


2 responses

20 09 2008

So far I’ve loved reading your comic, its really funny, and I’m glad to know you’re gonna keep making em.
keep up the good work ^~^

10 11 2008

Hey hey

For what it’s worth poptart_fairy, your work has been a huge inspiration to me.. so much so that when I had to create a video project for a university assignment, I just had to include tributary content in the form of using your character’s names (I hope that’s alright).

It’s a video on Australian business law, so it’s probably not the domain you’d contemplate taking your potential plotline, and the voice acting is terrible (all me, late at night and highly caffeinated :D), but regardless, I just wanted you to know that your work is very much appreciated (and is already generating unauthorised spinoffs!)

Video available here: http://www.vimeo.com/2115013


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