OK, so not all plans go ahead.

14 09 2008

Alrightey, hey guys. I may as well come straight out with it:

The comic has ended.

I’m sorry to end things so abruptly, but I’ve tried and tried and tried…but cannot come up with climax that is suitable for this. The enthusiasm and energy for it just isn’t in me now. With the way my work hours are scattered (and on the rise pretty rapidly), and in addition to other commitments I have, voluntary work and so forth, well…one of the last things I want to be doing is spending time within Garry’s Mod, wrestling about with the physics. I certainly loved the run it had (I mean, jesus, over a thousand frequent hits is pathetic compared to a lot of websites but to me it was greater than what I’d anticipated) but I’m NOT loving what it’s becoming for me. I haven’t even logged into Team Fortress for more than a couple hours the last few weeks. If I was still unemployed this post wouldn’t be made, but I am, so it is, and so the comic is…well. You know how the rest of that goes.

I always told myself the moment it became a chore, I’d stop. It has, so…I have.

I do appreciate the comments and feedback I’ve been given, and it does pain me to terminate the Chapter like this, but I couldn’t see any workable alternatives. Go out on a bang, etc, etc.

If you happen to catch me on Steam or the like, feel say to say /hello, or keep track of me via my (infrequent) blog posts.

Cheers y’all. And sorry again.





7 responses

15 09 2008

Sorry to hear it, but I can’t fault you. If I was still unemployed… yeah. Been there. Good luck with stuff. See you in the game, possibly, (I know I’ve played with you at least one time – remember your “demomen bloody BORE me” spiel. 🙂

And hey, thanks for making a lovely comic.

15 09 2008

” Know this, as long as you are doing this webcomic, I will support you. Unless you stop without warning.”

Exactly as I said before.

18 09 2008
New Fan

We’ll miss it, but your reasoning behind stopping the comic is all perfectly understandable.

18 09 2008
omg my cat burned up!!!

I know how hard is it to do comics in gmod (especially tf2) , so I think you´ve done awsome to make so far. cheers

21 09 2008

art should never be a labour, friend.

thanks for your efforts, they’ve truly brought a smile to my face.
hope your future brings only positivity.

14 10 2008


29 03 2009

D’aaaw, was an awesome comic! Thanks for the funs!

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