Bleen’s Fortress, Chapter 2: Part 13.

12 09 2008

Well goddamn, I think there’s something to the number 13 being unlucky: I cocked this one up pretty badly.

Notice anything wrong? Yeah. Those are BLU characters, not RED. I’m not sure how the hell I missed that in the two hours or so I was putting this together, but I didn’t notice until someone pointed it out to me. What the hell! Either way, I’m posting it now to maintain the schedule, but in the next day or so I’ll be uploading a corrected version: I would have done that beforehand but I’m gone for most of the day and didn’t think the few hours delay would have been taken too well.

Even I’m not perfect, apparently.





One response

13 09 2008

and there was me think the stickys had been punted back by an airblasting pyro…

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