Bleen’s Fortress, Chapter 2: Part 11.

9 09 2008

Hey look, an update. Eventually. Sorry about that folks – couldn’t actually get into my sodding WordPress account last night. Wasn’t until earlier that I read something that triggered off the password-related train of thought.

Anyway, I may or may not be putting Bleen’s into another semi-hiatus once this chapter is over. I have a great deal of Chapter 3 planned, where our boys are going, what they’ll be doing…it’s just that Someone Up There has decided to even out my karmic balance rather suddenly. A bunch of stuff is happen, I’m not terribly pleasant, yada yada, angst angst, etc etc. Suffice to say the comic is becoming a bit of a distraction rather than something I enjoy doing.

As I said though, this is only a possibility. Just belching out the warning in advance.





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